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ZEUSSUEZ IK INDIA - We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We offer a wide range of services and at the same time.


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Provide Best IT Solutions.

We are privileged to work with hundred futureted thinking awesom business including many of in the world’s top software products.

Web And Mobile Application

New Domain Registration

Data Text Synchronization

Improving Our Website Design

Web & Email Hosting Services

Artificial Intelligence Web App



IT Products

Have developed more IT products for Educational institutes such as School ERP, iShine, iStudy, Iway, iLearn and more ..

Software Engineering

Implementing customised software Development with advanced leavel of softwaare development process in the industry.

Education & Health

Our Primary focus on main domains such as Education and Health ,and have Developed many innovative products in these Domains.

App Development

We adopt advance technologies to develop Mobile apps with Cross device compatibilty, scalability, security with automated testing.

Business Automation

Stringent software development process models are followed to develop the business automation Sytems & Maintainance.

Data Analysys

All Systems are being developed with indepth analysis of the data flow and process and Maintainance for re-engineering.


Provide Exclusive Services

We are in to advance level of education systems Management services with School ERP, Educational Study materials and Digital Boards

Digital Marketing

The use of digital channels to market products and services in order to reach consuments

Marketing refers to activities that our company uses to promote companies products and services and to improve its market share. To be successful, it requires a combination of advertising savvy, sales, and the ability to deliver goods to end-users. Professionals, known as marketers, take on these tasks either internally at companies or externally at marketing firms.


  • This form of marketing is different from internet marketing, which is exclusively done on websites.
  • Digital marketing relates to attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and more.
  • One of the biggest challenges digital marketers face is how to set themselves apart in a world that is oversaturated with digital marketing ads.

Product Development

Certain products are born because of an absence of similar solutions in the market, while others are created because of the gaps that exist in the available products.

Design Thinking Approach: In this framework, you start with understanding the users, their issues and then identify the possible solutions for the user group. This framework ends with creating a prototype and testing the solution in the market to check the market fit.

New Product Development Framework: This is a more commonly accepted approach where you begin with your product ideas and validate them in the market to check for the fit. Once it's validated, you build a prototype, plan your entire production and post-production, and work on the costing before actual development.

Windows App Development

Organization steps: Discovery, Project planning, Windows app design and development planning, UX and UI design, Development and QA, Launch and Evolution.

Talents needed: Business consultant, Project manager, Software architect, UX designer, UI designer, DevOps engineer, Software developer, QA specialist.

Sourcing models: All in-house, Team augmentation, Partial outsourcing, Full outsourcing.

Web & Mobile App Development

As is true with most technology selections, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the type of mobile app to develop. There are numerous web app best practices to consider, not all of which are technical. Who is your target audience? Are they more likely to prefer a mobile web or a native app? What’s the difference between native and hybrid apps? What development resources do you have and which mobile technologies are they most familiar with? What is the licensing and sales model that you’re envisioning for your product?

And beyond the old web apps versus native apps question, a hybrid mobile app may be the right answer for you, depending on your requirements and resource constraints. Hybrid apps, like native apps, run on the device itself (as opposed to inside a browser) but are written with web technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript) and typically underpinned by a hybrid app framework. More specifically, hybrid apps run inside a native container and leverage the device’s browser engine (but not the browser) to render the HTML and process the JavaScript locally. A web-to-native abstraction layer enables access to device capabilities that are not accessible in mobile web applications, such as the accelerometer, camera, and local storage.

How IT Work

Business Process Flow

Systems Analysis

Requirement Gathering and Analysis phase with indepth discusssion with the Client with business requirement Analysis tools.

Design & Execution

After the indepth systems Analysis, We will perform analysis the sytem and segregate the modules and sub modules. using software development Agile Process tools.

Coding & Testing and Execution

Each Modules of the systems will be divided into various submodules and do the coding ,then testing then integration and implementation.

Technologies and Methodologies

Our Expertise in Technologies

and Tools used for System Development

Window Apps

.NET, SQL Server

Design, Photoshop

Graphics Design and Animation

Software Engineer

Agile and MS Visio

Scripting Technologies

Javascript and Jquery

System Design Tools

Microsoft Visio

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Through the use of technology, ILearn360™ helps institutions achieve their academic objectives.


We create high quality Study and Practice Material for class 9th to 12th for 36+ subjects in Science


DIGITAL I™ smart, digital classroom solution is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein..

ZEUSSUEZ Learning Hub

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ZEUSSUEZ College Connect

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